Occupy the Dream: Schools Not Jails!

A Five-Day Occupation of the proposed site of the juvenile detention center in East Baltimore: January 16 – 21, 2012

::::: GOALS :::::

Through this action, we hope to:

* Delay and ultimately stop the construction of the youth jail by
putting public pressure on the local and state government.

* Ask Baltimore city residents to take a side where our funds are
concerned: schools or jails?

* Increase the awareness of the socio-economic impact of the youth
jail on the black working class in Baltimore through media attention
and teach-ins at the site.

* Publicly question the social, political, and economic priorities
implicit in the construction of the youth jail and pose the
question: Is this really what Baltimore residents want?

* Influence and prioritize PUBLIC spending in Baltimore.

* Build and strengthen new and old ally relationships that can be
mobilized in more sustained ways in the future.

* Help shift the focus of Occupy Baltimore to local economic issues
and the good and welfare of our city.

::::: STRATEGIES :::::

To begin the hard road toward accomplishing these goals, we see this action as a first step in a much longer and larger process. For this particular action, we believe that the following strategic benefits make this a worthwhile project:

* Use our physical presence at the site to increase the public focus
on the issues at hand.

* Use the “Occupy” name and profile to amplify the message of others
that are engaged long term in the youth jail struggle.

* Create public space for the discussion of issues through daily
teach-ins, workshops, and political education sessions.

* Tell the story through strong visuals.

* Use possible arrests and trial to keep up public focus on the issue.

* Connect the Youth Jail issue to the Rec Centers, Schools, Mayor’s
Community Hearings on Budget Cuts, etc.


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