Help keep yourself and others warm during the occupation.   Here are the basics of how to best prepare and dress yourself.


Remember cotton kills!! Synthetic and wool materials move (wick) the moisture away from skin, and dry quicker then cotton.

Long underwear, tight-fitting apparel worn against the skin. Silk, polyester and poly blends that wick moisture off your skin. This is critical because after you’ve generated perspiration, you don’t want to suffer dramatic drops in body temp when you stop moving.


Generally everyday items like a sweat shirt, long sleave tshirt, etc. make up your mid layer. Wool and nylon often make good mid layers.


Insulated jacket even warmer or can act as the primary source of warmth inside a shell. Should be lightweight and low-bulk for active sports, and is commonly a pullover jacket, sweater or vest. Some great insulating materials include fleece, wool, goose down and synthetic fill.



It is wise to carry some type of rain protection. A rain jacket, poncho, or even an umbrella will keep you dry and cut the wind.



In cold weather, you lose much of your heat through your head and neck. Your hat needs to insulate and breathe well, Synthetic and wool hats stay warm when wet.


A face mask,scarf, or balaclava provide good protection, the other key here is comfort.


Gloves work great for activities requiring dexterity. Mittens should always be chosen for extremely cold weather.Also, glove liners can be worn in extreme cold for added insulation in both gloves and mittens.


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