In honor of Martin Luther King, in support of the Occupy the Dream movement, this January 16 we will reclaim the site of the proposed youth detention facility in East Baltimore, for a 5-day occupation aimed at raising awareness of how and where our public money is spent. Baltimore needs schools, not jails. Let’s work together to demand a change in how city and state funding is deployed; let’s confront the institutionalized social, political, and economic racism in this city head on. Let’s fight together for better jobs, better schools, a better Baltimore for everyone.

  1. Matt said:

    Inspiring protest idea. We sympathize with your plight.

  2. Ellisvisionary said:

    Thank you so much for putting this informaion out there. So many people feel this wayand believe in this cause, please post more about how to become involved.

    Also, as a FYI, everyone needs to understand that Prisons are a “commodity, and a very hot commodity at that” They are traded on the New York Stock Exchange and a one of biggest forms of business there is.

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