Recreation Occupation! Schools Not Jails hosts Public Recreation Day at War Memorial Plaza!

Friday, January 20 | 4PM | War Memorial Plaza: The Schools Not Jails Recreation Occupation!

Celebrate the end of a successful week of action with the Schools Not Jails Occupation! Please forward widely!

On Monday, January 16, in honor of Martin Luther King Day, the Schools Not Jails Occupation took to the streets of Baltimore, brought public attention to the struggle against the State of Maryland’s plan to build a $104 million youth jail in East Baltimore – the budget for which could easily supplement and expand the City of Baltimore’s education funding, and prevent our recreation centers from being closed or privatized. We entered the site of the proposed detention center, and built a little red schoolhouse on the empty lot, to symbolize our desire for a city that prioritizes Schools, not Jails. On Wednesday, governor Martin O’Malley released his 2014 budget, and conspicuously absent is the $104 million to build the youth jail – this is a reason to celebrate! But we also need to keep the pressure up on our city and state government to re-priortize the allocation of public funds for constructive aims: we want education, not incarceration; prevention, not detention!

On Friday, January 20, to celebrate a successful week of action, we will converge at War Memorial Plaza (in front of City Hall) at 4PM for Baltimore’s first Public Recreation Day! Bring footballs, art supplies, hula hoops, jump ropes, books and other creative activities; let’s turn War Memorial Plaza – which is public property – into a recreation center for the afternoon, and welcome the citizens of Baltimore for an hour (or two) of good, high-energy, fun as we demonstrate what the alternatives to a youth detention center could look like.

At 7PM, at 2640 Saint Paul Street, Schools Not Jails will host a workshop on participatory alternatives to the city’s proposed austerity measures, in preparation for the mayor’s open budgeting hearing on the morning of January 21, at Cylburn Arboretum. The workshop and the mayor’s budget hearing are open to all interested Baltimore residents!

For more information, visit | Bring friends & family – this is our time for recreation and celebration!


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